One of the difficulties of having researched a topic for several decades is the changes in technology. Slide film was replaced by digital cameras, but museums had restrictions on use of the photos. I can easily share images posted by museums, but often not the small details that I captured myself. I’ll do my best to share what I know through descriptions where I must.

I have also been a reenactor, but less lately since I discovered that the ground got harder. And my clothes shrank. I still enjoy visiting events if not dressing out myself as often, and will share my experiences and observations there.


Having researched stockings for the past 35 years, I figured it’s time to join the 21st century.


Movies and TV

That TV show is provoking a lot of discussion these days. You know the one, with the inaccurate costumes. I’m not going to name it because, well, shows and movies set in historic eras are made every year. Last year it was another production, and no doubt we’ll be talking about a different one next …

Costume Criticism

In every discussion venue, the topic of the over-zealous, picky, or policing costumer comes up. I have some observations for historic activities. This for your own consideration, and not to assume everyone is aware or agrees. There is a large variety of events, from accurate / educational / progressive to costume-admired-but-not-required, or “any attempt is …